2019 – State Of Shine

JMGQ presents The State of Shine at Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne. This exhibition showcases the shining and vibrant contemporary jewellery and metalsmithing community in Queensland, and will be a part of Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne’s Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial. The State of Shine, a selected exhibition, is an exploration by twenty artists about what it means to design and make in Queensland.

30th August – 13 September 2019
I chose to exhibit works from my “in Oceanum” (in O-she-arn-um) series.

In Oceanum – (In O-she-arn-um)


“Of the Ocean” is a wearable glimpse into life in the Pacific Ocean – the ocean that abuts the coastline east of Queensland, Australia.

Here there are about 230,000 marine species – from microorganisms to 33 meter blue whales, plus over 2 million marine species yet to be documented.

Working as a creative artist/contemporary jeweller this provides a great wealth of provocation to the imagination as to the nature of these “unidentified organisms” – including those in that area of the recently introduced anomaly aka plastic.
Introducing plastic into my visual vocabulary is to enforece and awarenesss of the accelerating distress of the oceans, and a reminder to give a thought before using/discarding another item of potential death to a marine species. It is significantly more threatnening than just a visual blot.
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