My Story

Sadly Jandy passed away in December 2021 please enjoy her website as a memorial to her wonderful jewellery creations.


The gallery is a summary of my jewellery – from recent works back to 1990. During these years, I have had many influences on my work, and it has taken me to many places – from Nijima to Timbuktu.

By nature a curious collector, a picker-upperer, the tropics and cyclones, diving and beach combing, living and exhibiting/studying/working in both large cities and 3rd world countries has allowed me many opportunities to find unexpected “treasures” (people and objects) that have been an influence, or a base or an embellishment for a work.

Trained in glass and metal smithing in local and international workshops and residencies, I now have refined my practice to include predominantly recycled and found objects and metal, and most recently, plastic bags.

In 2014 at the JMGQ conference in a workshop with Dr Patricia Flannagan I started to work with plastic bags, and later integrated these workshops myself. This wont save the world, but will hopefully make people more aware of the effect that one-off use plastic bags, and that dumping them, is a huge injustice to our planet and our immediate environment.

2016 An opportunity to further this investigation with plastic in the exhibition, “Worn & Weathered”. I will continue to explore this avenue.